Meet Me in the Background - PS Upstairs

Flora Folan and Jamie McWilliam

Meet Me in the Background is an immersive body art project that explores our connection with nature.

The series showcases the collaborative journey of artist Lora Flora and photographer Jamie McWilliam throughout the unique south west of Western Australia. Their body of work explores how we are all deeply affected by our environment. We constantly transform and merge with it.

We are nature. Natural surroundings can ground, connect, and balance us, whilst industrial or man-made environments can evoke a sense of disconnection, starkness and uniformity. Our survival and emotional state is deeply entwined with our connection with nature. The artworks communicate how each environment transforms the models both physically and emotionally, channelling the unique energy of the chosen locations.

Ceremony was an integral part of each photo shoot. It began as a tea ritual and meditation to connect to the land, ourselves and to each other. This set the foundations for beginning the process of body painting. Body painting like tea ritual is an ancient form of ceremony, a deep communion with the body, which challenges us to see that we are not separate from our surroundings or each other.

The opening night will feature live body art performance, music and dance inspired by the natural environments of Western Australia.

We will also be offering a limited number of tea ritual and meditation sessions during the exhibition as a unique opportunity to explore and experience the art space and artwork. For more information on these sessions please contact PS.

Come and observe, listen, and reflect.

Opening Event: Friday 5th March, 6.30-8.30pm

RSVP essential

Tea ceremonies:
Limited spaces available.

Please contact the artists directly for booking: