9 June - 22 July 2017

Another Antipodes Exhibition 2017 is Australia's first large-scale group exhibition of African contemporary artists. Showcasing over 30 exciting internationally recognised artists and 50 works, the exhibition seeks to encourage inquiry, nurture debate and welcome discovery through contemporary, ‘new’ and emerging art. The exhibition aims to reward the curious with a provocative range of Southern African views, voices and perspectives that highlight the contemporary discussions and multicultural diversity of Africa as well as examining and celebrating the African diaspora within the Australian context. The programme features artist talks, screenings, public seminars and workshops.

For all its global connectivity Southern Africa affords Australia with a contemporary, almost parallel antipode. Sharing a relative cultural isolation our continued shared northward gaze for approval has led to a creative panoply of the partly real, partly imagined, an ever-changing new world to the west of abstract assumptions and extrapolations. Australia’s occasional glance to the contemporary cultural lands of Southern Africa might be quixotic, naive – even dystopian – in their character, but they are always skewed by the interplay of knowledge and ignorance. Spanning all media from painting to video installation and performance, Another Antipodes' artists assert themselves not just as important new voices in the world of art but also important interlocutors and advocates for cultural engagement and dialogue between our two continents.

In this challenging space between the imaginary and real, Another Antipodes Exhibition 2017 asks the question 'how do our cultivated perceptions of another antipode affect the real pluralism of expressions that exist there?'