Performed by Eastwinds

Presented by High Tide 17 as part of the Fremantle Festival 2017

Sunday 5 November

Acclaimed Fremantle collective Eastwinds will perform a set of spatial improvisations for winds and voices titled, Breath. This atmospheric symphony will be in direct response to the architectural configuration and internal volume of the gallery space in new and sonically imaginative ways. This performance is about breath and its primal intimacy achieved by performing acoustically. Endowed with the voice of a songbird, Estonian-born singer Kristiina Maalaps will accompany Iranian-born Esfandiar Shahmir playing the ethereal and deeply evocative Persian ney (flute), Sanshi, a didgeridoo virtuoso and its modern day extendable incarnation, and the ever inventive poly-reed artist, Mark Cain, playing saxophones, clarinet and multifarious wind instruments of his own design.

Breath is presented by Hemispheres and PS Art Space.