Optical Motions


Thursday 16 July, 8pm (Doors open 7.30pm)
Curated by Ned Beckley (Lower Spectrum)
Presented as part of The City of Fremantle's Hidden Treasures

Koi Child
Leon Osborn
Fremantle Women's Choir
Catlips (DJ Set)
Lower Spectrum (DJ Set)

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Optical Motions is an evening of eclectic and forefront music curated by Lower Spectrum. Featuring the bright trajectories of Fremantle’s finest talents, Koi Child and Leon Osborn, juxtaposed against the gospel harmonies of the Fremantle Women’s Choir, to culminate with two dj sets by Catlips and Lower Spectrum. The evening will encompass a broad array of music, light and food served by the Brazilian tropical experts, Comida Du Sol.

Tickets available on the door: $15