A Midsummer Night's Dream

Upstart Theatre Company

A Fringe World Event
Directed by Garreth Bradshaw

What happens in the Athenian Forest stays in the Athenian Forest… Well, almost!

Upstart Theatre Company is proud to kick off their 2013 season “All’s Fair…” in association with PS Art Space and Fringeworld 2013 with Shakespeare’s timeless comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream as you have never seen it… Or felt it.

The ground floor of PS Art Space will be converted into our Athenian dream and we humbly invite you to step inside and dream with us for an hour or so.

Plunged into the Topsy Turvy world of “The Dream” you will soon find things are not as they seem. Designed to play on and titillate all of your senses this production is not to be missed. Scaling from the heights of Shakespearean beauty to the muddy floor of Shakespearian Scally waggery and comedy, this production will have audiences talking for years to come.

Confused lovers, music, mud wrestling, beastiality (well sort of…), faeries, rude mechanicals and a wedding all combine in what is one of the greatest comedies ever written.

Limited to strictly 50 people per night this will be a most intimate “adults-only” Shakespeare experience.
Duration: 80mins