Audible Edge Festival 24

Audible Edge '24: Body the body
Apr 26, 7:30pm - 2am
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Daniel Garlett / Rebecca Lloyd-Jones (Meanjin) plays Sarah Hennies / Joee Mejias (Manila) / Myriad Sun in the Block Universe / Wayang (DJ) / Jxnior / Bobby Russell / Miss Phoria / Lia T & Rok Riley (DJ) / Desmond Tan (installation)

Audible Edge’s grand opening is Body the body, a wild experiment in permission, possibility and play. Somewhere between the exploratory music concert and the club, it celebrates the full spectrum of what Audible Edge hopes to be: a safe place for all to experience joy and get silly at the edge of what’s sonically possible. Starting with a Welcome to Country and concert-style performances, the night gradually gives way to dancing, communion and experimental physical performance.

The centrepiece of the show is our Audible Edge commission for this year, Myriad Sun in the Block Universe. A four-sided screen made of cold fog allows a gaze into a parallel-universe-Walyalup manifested by wildcard visual designer Tom Rogers. Inside the Block, the band performs new, recent and improvised material which references noise music, rap and footwork.

Before that, Daniel Garlett will welcome us to Country with one of his powerful didgeridoo performances. Crash hot percussionist Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, visiting from Meanjin, plays new composition “Thought Sectors” by Sarah Hennies. Committed to minimalism and repetition, Hennies’ work explores queer & trans identity, psychoacoustics and the neurology of creativity. This is followed by a live electronic set from Manila-based Joee Mejias, whose work explores the edge of pop music, making oozy, amorphous songs and ambient experiments.

The rest of the night is soundtracked by Wayang, Lia T & Rok Riley, experienced DJs well-known in the underground club scene. At midnight, physical performances by drag and movement artists Bobby Russell, Jxnior and Miss Phoria explore mental health and queer embodiment with playful and experimental sound tracks.

This is hosted within a world of fabric and light designed by Desmond Tan and Adelaide Harney. Softening the industrial surrounds of PS, they’ll gently hold our embodied explorations together.

Audible Edge '24: Our inner beings complete the missing links
Apr 28, 11am - 1pm
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The Long Form (Berlin) plays Catherine Lamb / Monica Brooks (Katoomba) & Sage Pbbbt

This morning double bill of acoustic music may seem gentle and unassuming — and it is! But it’s also quietly one of the most psychedelic, mind-bending experiences in the festival. Read on.

Berlin-based duo The Long Form have committed themselves to the study and performance of music in the tuning system called “extended just intonation”. Playing on microtonal bass flute and double bass, these performers are deeply attuned to the nuances of vibration. They will perform a 21st century masterpiece by committed composer Catherine Lamb, Muto Infinitas. In this piece, the sound of the two instruments intertwines to form an ever-expanding sequence of harmonies, from which a melody ever-so-gradually unfurls. Immersing oneself in a world so attentive to resonance in space can have skin- and spine-tingling effects.

Second up is the unlikely duo of Blue Mountains-based accordionist Monica Brooks and local singer Sage Pbbbt. Performing just once at the NOW now festival in Sydney, their collaboration is the stuff of mythology. Sage Pbbbt is a ritual vocalist exploring ritual magick, meditation and improvisation. Monica Brooks’ various artistic interests are occupied by landscapes and conservation; maps, and the idea of ‘Hjemfalden’, or, as can be brashly reconceived as belonging, landscapes, loss and love. As an improvising duo, they circle around each other with whispery tones and fragile utterances, performing with grace and focus.