Change of State

The Welcome Collective

Change of State invites individuals to sit together and perform the familiar ritual of preparing, serving and drinking tea. With an interest in domestic traditions and ceremonial acts, The Welcome Collective introduces the humble action of serving tea into the context of the art gallery. Change of State combines sound, ceramics, installation and video to create a meditative space for social interaction. Activity is centred around concrete slabs which become surfaces for both the sculptural artefacts and the act of communal participation. This setting fosters an immersive, sensory experience amongst rising steam and the projected image of dust plumes.

Change of State investigates family tradition and the meaning of material and action in the home. The exhibition highlights the significance of repeated daily rituals within the family which prevail despite great developments and shifts in domestic life. In communion with each other, Change of State brings the contemporary city into collaboration with humble domestic traditions. The exhibition explores the power of shared experience and ritual by inviting visitors to drink here, together.

The Welcome Collective employ sculpture, installation and video to explore themes of community, the family and the domestic. Probing notions of home, collective memory and utopia, the collective create artefacts for social interaction. Beginning with found and raw materials such as concrete and clay, they explore the tactile and communal sensations of shared domestic rituals such as drinking tea. The documentation of domestic life, found in film, form an important component of their investigation

Images courtesy of the artists. Installation views PS Art Space. Photos: James Whineray