Dark Light

Ralph Stanton, Geoffrey, Zweitgeist



3 - 31 May 2014, Wed - Sat, 11am - 4pm

Ralph Stanton, Geoffrey Wake and Zweitgeist (the collaborative duo of Horst Kornberger and Tom Mùller) make site-specific works for PS Art Space which extend the possibilities of space and place. Together they developed artworks to arouse a sense of community in this extraordinary place, which is fast becoming a hub of creative genius.

Each artist addresses an area of the venue to disrupt the context and recreate
an experience. Wake challenges the dichotomy of dark and light by using illumination to create an original portrayal of the space. He interplays a monastic experience with the pillars of the building.

Stanton chooses to create an area which uses clean light to draw viewers through a dark contemplative space. Since it is confined, Santon manifests the experience of a light gently glowing at the end of a tunnel, so to speak.

In opposition, Zweitgeist produce a work which mirrors the visual experience of being present at PS Art Space. It is a socially transformative work, which endeavours to move the observer beyond the room.

This is a spiritual exhibition with a difference, guiding you through the space where you are free to reflect. The artists each reveal the hidden potential of what is already there.


Video courtesy of André Avila