Ebb & Flow

Undercurrent Choir

'Ebb & Flow' is a sound sculpture expressed collectively by the act of toning. Conveyed through a large chorus of voices, toning has the capacity to be a powerful instrument enabling concealed vocal qualities to be revealed. A living and sustained sound sculpture responding to the spatial aspects of PS Art Space. Forming a single channel of voices guiding the audience through space by sound alone.

Ebb & Flow was conceived as an expansion and investigation of the mysterious art of “toning” (vocal improvisation using only vowels). The specially-formed Undercurrent Choir has worked with Paul Lawrence to uncover some of these mysteries. This music is not intended to be either entertaining or intellectual. It is a reflection of the subtle music that resounds above, below and around us: the Undercurrent of Life itself.
Ebb and Flow is presented in four water-inspired movements, with audience interaction:

1. Ocean expresses the rhythm and harmony that arises between the two universal acts of contraction and expansion.
The audience is invited to move with the gently revolving current created by the choir.

2. Tides expresses one aspect of the mighty cosmic Will in nature.
The audience stands against the north wall to bear witness to the moving tides.

3. Undercurrent expresses the subconscious music that dwells in the utter depths of our earth, our oceans and ourselves.
Meander amongst the sounds or sit/lean against a pillar and feel the pull to the semi-conscious place of mysteries.

4. River explores the primordial breathing rhythm created by “the interval of the fifth”. The subtle hypnotic rhythm of the eternally flowing river encourages us to breathe and heal.
Walk slowly through the channel of sound as many times as you like.

• Ushers have been trained to guide you through the event. As you move, tread gently without noise, maintain silence, listen and allow the sounds to wash over you.
• Wear comfortable shoes
• Limited seating is available for those who need it.
• Please arrive 15 minutes before the performance begins.
• Photography or recording is not permitted.

Paul Lawrence

Tom Mùller

Tony Balint
Sam Banks-Smith
Shaun Bannr
Zoe Brennan
Rick Bryant
Jennifer Byrne
Madeline Clare
Dave Coggin
Jess Colgan-Toohey
Agnes DeSouza
Paula Harris
Lekkie Hopkins
Brendon Humphries
Koral Island Ward
Tej Bhagti Kaur
Nicole Lawrence
Anna Macoboy
Sharon McCann
Fiona McVey
Daniel Martin
Lesley Meaney
Elizabeth Murray
Kia Nelson
Lisa Paybe
Peter Payne
Mark Rowntree
Jeremy Scrivener
Jane Shanahan
Mark Taylor
Cara Teusner-Gartland
Anjea Travers
Sue Wallwork
Andy Wilimas
Bobbi Wilson
Gosia Winter

Laure Bernard

Andrew Portwine

Presented by
PS Art Space

Photos: Duncan Wright