Hidden Treasures 2015

Press Play, Optical Motions, Apocalypso, Aunty Topia

Thursday 30 July, 8pm (Doors open 7.30pm)
Curated by Void Persistence
Presented as part of The City of Fremantle's Hidden Treasures
Curated by Bretskii

Press Play showcases the world class standard of hip hop and beat culture that Perth continues to produce. A celebration of all things boom bap. We are are throwing it down block party styles and everyone knows there’s nothing like a cranking Fremantle party - this line up will deliver high vibes in all directions.

Fdel’s debut album Audiofdelity on Invada Records run by Katalyst (BBE) and Geoff Barrow (Portishead) recieved world wide rave reviews and critical acclaim. It was to become a “must have” record for all DJ’s and lovers of funky beats and fun loving hip hop grooves. With the wait finally over, Fdel will be featuring his new single and forthcoming album with live MC.

Wisdom 2th is a highly proficient multi-instrumentalist and accomplished emcee and beatmaker, Wisdom2th has constructed, arranged, co-written, recorded, mixed and mastered tunes for a wide range of artists in a wide range of genres from the comfort of his personal studio space. From glitchy computer driven madness to chilled out old soul sounds. Truthfully, though, he goes wherever the music wants to take him. Expect some great comedy too, a perfect fit for Press Play

A young Emcee producer, MACSHANE has burst on to the local scene with a work ethic and talent that reflects the deep local music heritage in his family. With commanding stage presence and lyrical delivery, MACSHANE will ensure the party at Press Play is the real thing!

To hold it all whole down, fill the gaps and keep the heads nodding will be Perth hip hop royalty Carlsani. A veteran of the scene who has supported numerous internationals and countless A grade Australian acts.

3 July, 8pm

Koi Child
Leon Osborn
Fremantle Women's Choir
Catlips (DJ Set)
Lower Spectrum (DJ Set)
Curated by Ned Beckley

Optical Motions is an evening of eclectic and forefront music curated by Lower Spectrum. Featuring the bright trajectories of Fremantle’s finest talents, Koi Child and Leon Osborn, juxtaposed against the gospel harmonies of the Fremantle Women’s Choir, to culminate with two dj sets by Catlips and Lower Spectrum. The evening will encompass a broad array of music, light and food served by the Brazilian tropical experts, Comida Du Sol.

16 July, 8pm

Grace Barbé Afro-Kreol
Apocalypso Ensemble (Mace Francis Orchestra)
Choppa Crucial (DJ Set)
Curated by Yarra Vega

A voyage beyond the idyllic, enchanted world of Calypso, into the apocalyptic realm through sound and enchanted melodies from the obeah, Grace Barbé and her Afro-Kréol trio, through to the hypnotic brass ensemble of the reconfigured Mace Francis Orchestra, The Apocalypso Ensemble. Supported by a selective blend of calypso inspired rhythms and beats provided by DJ Choppa Crucial.

By playfully parodying everyday life, calypso is used as a weapon to critique social constructs and power relationships, and ultimately affirm revolutionary ideals of freedom without having to enact a rebellion.

23 July, 8pm

Curated by Void Persistence

From nothing to nothing.. and in between, the alliance of subversive beat makers and dancers combining their performance in a unique ritual, purest approach to a primitive future. Auntie Topia is fleeting proposition, a fugacious attempt to structure the void with timeless raw rhythms and instinctive movements.

30 July, 8pm

Presented in conjunction with the City of Fremantle