Hyperreal 2.0

Ryan Burge

22nd - 25th November, 10am-5pm

Lindsay Vickery - Bass Clarinet
Djuna Lee - Double Bass
Ben Greene - Percussion
Ryan Burge - Electronics

In an ever increasing digital landscape of artificiality and simulation, can the use of technology paradoxically draw us closer to nature?

Taking inspiration from philosopher Jean Baudrillard's notion of 'hyperreal', a world where real and fake are frequently blurred, the exhibition questions notions of authenticity by creating acoustic environments of real and fake sounds of nature, that leave the listener to decide what is real.

The exhibition opens with a performance of what we might call hyperreal music. An ensemble will perform alongside real and fake field recordings, to mimic and harmonise the sounds of nature.

Ryan Burge is a composer, sound artist, studio producer and performer. His compositions experiment with mixed media, in particular, electronics and field recordings in conjunction with live instrumentation. Threads of influence include visual arts, politics and philosophy.

Parallel to this, he steadily releases contemporary electronic music under different monikers that explore sonic aesthetics and emerging sub genres.