Kinds of Light 4

Shimmering refractions

Kinds of Light 4: Shimmering refractions




Kinds of Light is a concert series for experimental music presented by PS and Tone List. The series celebrates ambitious experimentation, careful musicianship, and sounds that are relevant to this place and time. We program across style and genre, excited by the love and rigour that goes into projects that defy categories.

The fourth concert in the series explores strange contrasts: unusual weavings of medieval music, noise, soul and avant-garde improvisation in transfixing combinations.

Seacrest Gardens is led by Ian Apau Maino Walker and Lana Rothnie and manifests as a neo-medieval ensemble with additional members drawn from Perth's alternative music scenes. Exploring ideas of digital serfdom, the group's janky combinations of poetry, found sound and stuttering electronics are tied together by phenomenal musicianship and stunning vocals. The result is totally singular and wild.

Eduardo Cossio & Michael Terren explore a similar intersection of high and low-fidelity in an improvised space. Eduardo sets the strings of his microtonal zithers to ring using fans, motors and electromagnetic fields, creating an electronic soundworld through entirely acoustic means. Michael Terren's shimmering improvisations using samples and synthesizers create a beguiling and gorgeous frame for the creaks and rattles of the harps, together arriving somewhere unexpected and special.

PS runs a bar on the night. Doors open at 7pm, with music starting from 7:30pm.