Kinds of Light is a concert series for creative music at PS Art Space. Curated by composer and improvising musician Josten Myburgh, Kinds of Light celebrates ambitious experimentation, careful musicianship, and sounds that are relevant to this place and time. It is programmed across style and genre, excited by the love and rigour that goes into music that defies categories.

Kinds of Light 6 is the occasion of Tone List's 7th birthday celebrations. Please join us to celebrate a lucky number of years holding space for exploratory music in this place!

LAND'S AIR (Eduardo Cossio: amplified zithers & electronics, and Josten Myburgh: alto saxophone & electronics)

VANISHING ISLAND GROUP (Lyndon Blue: acoustic bass, Jake Webb: electric guitar, Talya Valenti: drums, Jet Kye Chong: vibraphone & percussion, and Julia Wallace: keyboard & flugelhorn)


For the second Kinds of Light of 2023, Land's Air will present a homecoming concert after a 15-show tour which took them through Austria, Czechia, Poland, Germany and Norway. Having increasingly refined their sound on the dense touring schedule, they return with a focussed attention on slow-burn unravelling of strange and phenomenal drones, utilising alto saxophone & zithers as ancillaries of some otherworldly liturgy.

The rarely-outed Vanishing Island Group, led by Lyndon Blue, is a local supergroup of sorts: a haunting dark-jazz outfit that play glacially slow, lingering compositions of powerful affect. Acoustic bass, vibraphone, flugelhorn, electric piano, percussion and highly effected guitar make up an atmospheric sonic tapestry that is unlike anything regularly heard in this place.

Radio presenter, musician, writer and photographer Emma Daisy is best known for an idiosyncratic, committed and careful presence on RTR.FM 92.1's Difficult Listening and Golden Apples of the Sun, and for her considered photographic portraits of bands and musicians throughout Boorloo. As birthday fairy for Tone List's 7th birthday party she brings her remarkable sound curating sensibilities to Kinds of Light to set the tone for the evening as it flows on, threading recorded music, found sound and field recordings in diaphanous weaves.


Doors, bar and DJ/fairy happening from 7:30pm, with live music starting a little after.

Tickets are pay-what-you-can, with a suggested price of $25 or $15 depending on your means.

Accessibility: The venue is wheelchair accessible, with accessible bathrooms. There is ample seating available and the space is very spacious.

Kinds of Light is presented by Tone List and PS. Tone List and PS operate on the lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation. We pay our respects to custodians and elders of this boodja past, present and future.