Alice Heyward, Megan Payne

This is the first public showing of work developed over the last two weeks in residency at Fremantle Arts Centre. It emerges out of Tongue rolls between smiles, a work we made together in 2018 that explores the constitution of relation through human touch, moving and being moved, asking ‘where do I end and you begin?’ Now, in Mattering, we look beyond ourselves and each other, to the nonhuman subjectivities we are at work with in reconfiguring touchable matter.

We meet and experience ourselves, each other, objects and our environment as vibrant, entangled matter. Like our bodies, the matter of all things feels, desires, yearns, suffers and remembers. Together, we form new apparatuses and relations to reconfigure matter and meaning, always already enfolded.

“But life, whether organic or inorganic, animate or inanimate, is not an unfolding algorithm. Electrons, molecules, brittlestars, jellyfish, coral reefs, dogs, rocks, icebergs, plants, asteroids, snowflakes, and bees stray from all calculable paths, making leaps here and there, or rather, making here and there from leaps, shifting familiarly patterned practices, testing the waters of what might yet be/have been/could still have been, doing thought experiments with their very being. Thought experiments are material matters.”- Karen Barad, feminist theorist