Mod Dogs

OPENING NIGHT: 10 June 2023 from 6pm > Live soundtracking by Gun Fu : Ben Witt, Ben Vanderwal, Mark Earley
DURATION: 10 - 25 June 2023
GALLERY HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Mod Dogs is the 5th collaborative exhibition between artists’ Stephen Brameld & Jay Staples; A showcase of world-making through large scale painting, sculpture, video and performance.

PS will house a collection of emanations, fragments and wayward artefacts of a gestated universe with its own physical, psychological and sensorial laws. As it were, shreds of other worlds, and the beginning of them.

We cannot 'see' the artists' world in the same way that we see our own, and our 'experience' in that world has different spatiotemporal contours to our experience here. The works are not mediated or abstracted visual representations of this reality. Instead, they are de novo presentations of a reality shown to us via an entirely new and alien sensory framework, to which we must adjust for the reality to make sense. We may have a stable 'avatar' or 'ego' in that reality, but our perceptive mechanisms must be learned anew. After all, the works in Mod Dogs and the reality they reveal are not creations of an ordinary human intelligence, but rather of a sui generis parahuman intelligence resulting from the fusion of the two artists' consciousnesses. With Mod Dogs, Brameld & Staples have given us a new way of understanding their collaboration since its inception; an understanding of their works as not only acts of expression, but acts of revelation; their visual language the lingua franca of a world that has existed all along.