Phantom Islands

Andrew Beck, Ned Beckley, Tom Mùller

Phantom islands, which appear and disappear from our maps, are usually created by the reports of early sailors exploring new realms. Some are purely made-up, such as the Isle of Demons and some stem from the faulty measurement of actual islands. Others arise due to navigational errors, optical illusions or the misidentification of floating phenomena like icebergs or fog banks caused by underwater volcanoes.

Voyage forth into the expansive gallery floors of PS to experience three phantom islands, dreamed up into being by landscape designer Andrew Beck, sound artist Ned Beckley and visual artist Tom Mùller. The topography of each island is evoked through plant arrangements, light, sand and an original soundscape. This floating and fleeting experience has been commissioned by the City of Fremantle as part of Glass Houses and Green Futures for 10 Nights in Port.