Place, Timber, Abstraction

Cassandra Sturm

Cassandra Sturm (b. 1989 Perth) arranges native timber as installations of found material, juxtaposing characteristics such as natural edges and markings of the passage of time with abstract painting. Experimenting with expressing the particularity and intimacy of the experience of landscape through forms and processes usually associated with abstraction, her work interrogates ideas of the generic and the specific, particularly as they have historically manifested in Australian abstract practice.

The repeating forms that combine into individual works reflect the fragmentation of experience and memory in the building of a sense of place and the passage of time. They are sourced from walks in Western Australian landscapes from Kalbarri in the north to Port Augusta in the south.

Cassandra’s current work has been developed as research towards a practice-led PhD through Curtin University. She graduated from Curtin University with B.A. (Honours) in Fine Arts in 2010.

Images courtesy of the artist