Solomon's Shadow


The Strange Story of the Life and Death of Solomon Nelson

Written & Directed by Patrick Bindon
21 February 2015, 8 - 10pm

A live cinema experience presenting a unique ‘Freo Noir’ - Solomon’s Shadow is a film experience that combines 1940’s noir montage with Fremantle iconic location shots. Combined to present a mystery seeped in intrigue, populated by shady characters and set in a dark unsettling underworld, the live film score is written and directed by Patrick Bindon, performed by the artist collective: Masonik, and produced by PS Art Space. The work places the audience within the cinematic soundscape of suspense, smokey alleyways & jazz. The mis-en-scene includes live projections, an enigmatic cast of characters, carefully devised arrangement of objects and, musical narratives unfolding the murder mystery for the audience to piece together.

What is Live Cinema? The concept of live cinema is still a fairly new and developing genre within media art that brings together experimental approaches to narrative and non-narrative film making, with live music and the performing arts. This freedom allows the artist to present their work as a fully live and interactive performance, adding different audio and visual effects to their material on-the-fly. These different feeds of video can be distributed across multiple screens, layered, looped and edited to create immersive, three dimensional works that are very different to a traditional cinema experience.

A Fringe World Event