Christian Belgaux

Curated by Jack Pam
Norwegian artist Christian Belgaux will launch his photography book STAN accompanied by an exhibition of his work curated by Jack Pam for PS Art Space. The work has been developed through continual travel to Central and South Asian countries in the past decade and represents a body of work distinct in its honest ambition driven by discovery and voyeurism rather than motive or assignment.

Christian Belgaux (b. 1985) s a french-norwegian photographer. He studied photo media at Edith Cowan University. since graduating in 2008 he has worked on long term projects in south-east asia and africa. In 2010 he traveled the Karakoram highway from the Xinjiang Province in western China into Pakistan. Since then he has worked in central Asia along the old silk route, photographing a changing cultural landscape. This project is still ongoing, and has taken Belgaux to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran in addition to Pakistan and China. Since 2012 Belgaux has been the photo editor for Norwegian monthly Natt&Dag, and since this year a staff photographer with Morgenbladet. his editorial work has taken him to places like North Korea, the UAE and Russia. He is the photo editor of Dødsarkiv: Mayhem 1984-1994 (Death Archives), a book chronicling the formative years of Norwegian black metal band Mayhem which is released on Aschehoug this month. Christian Belgaux is based in Oslo, Norway.

all images courtesy of the artist

The exhibition is proudly supported by Fujifilm