Noah Wand

Noah Wands “Thumbpacked” is a dance with the uncanny. Amidst vibrant hues, tales of Australian suburbia bear their fruit—Ozzie larrikins jeer and wink through checkers boards, merry go rounds and proverbs. Flaunting the Australian dream.

Noah Wand is a West Australian painter frequenting acrylic paints and oil pastels. His work, tongue in cheek, pokes fun at the idiosyncrasies of West Australian coastal suburbia and the uncanniness that ensues. His cartoon-esque mark making accompanied by a consistent colour palette, brings the Ozzie larrikin to life.

Thumbpacked is a compendium of taunting punters almost sinister in nature, Ozzie battlers sporting sly smiles parade their noble steeds. Melpomene and Thalia, the Greek muses of tragedy and comedy, intertwine and dance with the recurring Ned Kelly, hiding behind the mask, "such is life", "laugh now, cry later". Thai proverbs plaster the work, a commentary on the quintessential, mandatory suburban Australian-South East Asian “sabbatical”.

Noah Wand’s work is an amusing, colourful assessment of the place he calls home and the world he is a part of, inviting the audience to reconsider the familiar.

Exhibition opens on Friday 16 Feb from 6.30pm and runs from Saturday 17 February to Sunday 25 February open Tue-Sun from 10-4