Volume 16

Pecha Kucha Perth

It's the final Pecha Kucha Perth for the year and if you have been waiting to attend -- this will be the event to come along to. The trademark 20 slides x 20 seconds is what keeps PK fresh, it only gives our presenters 6.5ish mins to inspire you with their amazing minds.

Speakers include:

  • Jacinda Bayne, Visual Artist

  • Laure Bernard, Independent Filmmaker

  • Ned Beckley, Music Producer / Sound Design

  • Cain Chenatt, Curious Versatilist

  • Jackson Eaton, Artist

  • Kieran Gheradi, Street Artist

  • Mitch Hill, Architect & Maker

  • Adam Jorlen, Futurist

  • Horst Kornberger, Social Innovator

  • Tom Muller, Artist & Designer

  • Ariane Palassis, Artist