Wet Realities

By the Council of Navigation (CON)

When initially proposed, the idea of a canal stretching across Western Australia seemed preposterous. To funnel water from the swollen Marduwarra (Fitzroy River) of the wet season in the north, to the dry reservoirs of the city in the south, across thousands of kilometres of desert and bush, seemed like a pipedream – a delirium brought on by the heat. The only way to know if it is possible is to trace the path it would take and encounter those obstacles firsthand.
Newly established inquiry and advisory group, the Council of Navigation, have been tasked with strengthening ties between the regions and the city; investigating imaginative and bureaucratic modes of movement through infrastructure and geography.
Generously supported by the aural research of Natalie Davey, please join the Council at their next meeting, where they will present the findings of a recent inquiry into the Kimberley to Perth Canal at PS Art Space, (date and time).

Opening event: Fri June 3rd from 6.30pm

Exhibition runs from Sat 4th to Sat 18th Tues to Sat from 10am to 4pm