You Are

OFF-Base Dance

'YOU ARE' is a dark ritual of devotion through self-sacrifice. Pay witness to the ceremony, as a body is pushed to extreme limits to reach ascension, enlightenment, and a connection to something greater than themselves. Inspired by the intense dedication present in the rituals of many spiritual and religious practices, 'YOU ARE' explores the idea of what the body and mind must go through to persevere through pain and exhaustion.

OFF-base; distorted; mistaken; not aligned with reality.
Founded by Artistic Director Tyrone Earl Lraé Robinson and Executive Director Shuling Wong, OFF-base Dance creates in your face, unexpected contemporary dance works that aim to subvert the ideas of what dance can and ‘should’ be. We push the limits of dance and in turn create extraordinary work that pushes your limits as an audience. We encourage that uncomfortable, unsettling, squirm in your seat feeling; it is then that you can truly suspend disbelief and surrender to the otherworldliness of dance.
OFF-base Dance seeks to create a more diverse and inclusive Australian dance sector, for artists and audiences alike.
Step outside of your comfort zone and into our unpredictable, alien world of art.