Hemispheres 16

Stefce Stojkovski

Our next Hemispheres concert brings us almost a full circle back to the beginnings of the Ethnic Music Centre of WA circa 1983 when Macedonian and Romany musicians often performed at the Cafe Folklorico based at the North Perth Town Hall. These were heady days when EMC founder and musician, Linsey Pollak introduced us all to the sounds of the gaida (Balkan bagpipe) and hyper-powered tunes in “bent” rhythms of 5/8, 7/8, 9/8 and so forth. And back then these were the first glimmerings of a world music scene in Perth.

In a symbolic completion of this circle HEMISPHERES presents direct from Macedonia a rare multi-instrumental musical talent, Stefce Stojkovski. Stefce plays most of the traditional Macedonian instruments (including gaida, naval (end-blown flute), zurla (folk oboe), tambura (long-necked lute) and a host of other wind and percussion instruments. Born to a family dynasty of musicians, he started playing as a 7-year old. He studied under the great bagpiper, Pece Atansovski, who he replaced as leader of the Macedonian Radio and Television Network Ensemble. Since 1997 Stefce has also led his own folkloric ensemble based in Skopje. In this concert Stefce will be joined former professional Macedonian musician and kaval player extraordinaire, Petre Georgevski and friends. Join us for this late afternoon concert on Sunday, July 7 - a joyous journey to the Balkans.