Hemispheres 21

New Compositions and Improvisations by Glenn Rogers

Greetings Hemispheres followers and hoping you are keeping well over these strange cover-19 days. It’s been a very trying and stressful time, particularly for artists whose incomes have been so drastically affected. With this in mind, it’s a great pleasure to announce the resumption (at least for the moment) of our Hemispheres concerts at PS Artspace in Fremantle.

We headline our return on December 6 with the music of Western Australian guitarist/composer, Glenn Rogers. As former band colleague, I have watched Glenn’s career blossom into being a first class jazz musician, whose interests extend into Indian music, afro-latin and contemporary composition. Glenn’s brief bio below tells his story.

Glenn Rogers is a guitarist-composer trained in jazz, classical guitar and composition. He has performed with symphony orchestras, in concert venues and festivals in Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, India and Australia. He has played and composed in diverse styles such as Hindustani and Carnatic music, Brazilian, European jazz, R&B, bebop, rock and 20th century classical. He has composed music for numerous small ensembles for planetarium domes in America and Australia, and two interactive multimedia operas ‘The Horla’ and ‘Liminal’. Apart from his interest in improvisation and composition, he has a strong interest in the music of other cultures especially Indian music. The programme for this concert reflects his diverse interests with solo compositions in both classical and improvised traditions. Jonathan Paget (guitar) and Mary-Anne Blades (flute) will present part of this recital with a suite composed specifically for them that combines both the traditions of Western Classical music and the rhythmically linear approach of Carnatic music. It will be the first time that this suite has been performed in its entirety.

We’re really delighted to focus our return to live performance with the music of an outstanding Western Australian musician, including a premier performance of his new work. Book now!

Tickets here: https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/hemispheres-21-glenn-rogers

Doors open 4.00PM
Concert at 5.00PM