Hemispheres 5

Eastwinds, Praashekh Borkar Duo

Join us on Friday, April 28 for a journey through eastern and jazz modalities in an exhilarating night of East Meets West music with Eastwinds.
Eastwinds comprise an exceptionally pure-toned singer from Estonia, a virtuoso of the ney flute and frame drummer from Iran, an equally astonishing beat-boxing didgeridooist from Japan, a veteran multi-string instrumentalist from the UK and an Australian reedman, composer and creator of uncountable reed and woodwind instruments. With their exquisite melodies, sophisticated rhythms and the vocals of a songbird, Eastwinds takes you to other landscapes and a new geography of sound…

Sharing the evening with Eastwinds is a superb young sarod player from Pune, India Praashekh Borkar, playing in duet with Malaysian-born tabla maestro, Vick Ramakrishnan. Praashekh is one of his county’s outstanding younger generation musicians, born into a musical family of sarod masters, including his father and younger brother. Praashekh has reinvented the traditional North Indian sarod, creating a smaller amplified version he terms the Esarod. He will feature both the traditional and modern incarnations of this instrument in this concert.

Photos: Maree Laffan