Hemispheres 8


Friday 22 September 2017, 8pm
The internationally esteemed Tükrös Ensemble, one of Hungary’s finest, is coming to Australia and to PS to perform at Hemispheres.

Tükrös play music from the villages of Hungary and Transylvania as played by Hungarians, Gypsies and Romanians over aeons in celebratory settings - weddings, christenings, funerals and parties. They have been one of the central bands in the revival of this once disappearing village music traditions in Hungary. Their aim isn’t to improve this music, but simply “play it as authentically as possible”. The group's line-up of violins, violas, double bass and cimbalom (cymbal) is a typical format for Táncház (dance houses), but it’s the seasoned and exquisite richness of their ensemble sound that defines this group and explains their fame and longevity.