Shifting Kingdoms


Presented by PS Art Space & The City of Fremantle's Hidden Treasures

3 July 2014, 8 - 11.30pm
PS Art Space's ground floor is transformed into an immersive environment based on the plant kingdom. Surrounded by otherworldly organic plant forms projected onto the gallery walls, animated by secret gardens and a green island, the musicians explore a broad spectrum of organic sounds and shifting textures.

Lower Spectrum
Fremantle's newest resident makes subtle and epic sonic grandeur - expect crumbled samples and super-slow, submerged sonic bass.

Mei Saraswati’s songs are sonic collages of everyday noises and musings, hums and bells and vocalised thoughts, all used to knit melodic ponchos to keep you warm.

Hugo Gerani is an alias of Perth based instrumentalist John Tanner A.K.A the guise of Eleventeen Eston, whose debut LP is soon to be released on Not Not Fun Records. Hugo’s live set offers a gesture towards a sun bed somewhere in between distinct horizons of quantitative rhythms and lush fantasy balearics.

Image: Succi 1 (2013), Joel Wynn Rees