Creative Connections

Under The Umbrella

This here and now, where life
like lava flows and green hides faces
not yet known; a plasticine, where
hope is sponged, and yellow faces
scrolled, an eye of two to see
what more there is. For you
are here and I am certain that
I won't lose sight of what you write
that last note; forget-me-not
you say; to speak of love
when there is bright dark light.
Bring me home; together
we will float

Rose van Son

Painting by Katrina Barber

Under The Umbrella, Artists with complex needs and poets working together

Since 2006, and in partnership with WA Poets Inc, Creative Connections's aim is to give artists with disabilities the opportunity to collaborate with other artists from different fields and show their work to the public.

Creative Connections presents their new exhibition for 2022: Under the Umbrella, which will showcase new works by Perth artists with complex needs, presented as an ekphrastic experience, with poetry.
"Under the Umbrella" gathers independent artists, poets and disability service providers. We invite you to let your inner critic go and take part in an immersive experience as part of a unique presentation, both in words and images at PS's main gallery. Be guided by the audio-visual installation ‘Seen and Heard’ and find yourself transported into a plethora of worlds beyond boundaries.

This year, 40 artists and 43 poets contribute to the experience.  
The exhibition is supported by the City of Fremantle. It opens on Friday 5 August at 6.30pm and runs until the August 20, open Tue-Sat from 10am to 4pm